Walmart Inc associate has initiated portal for its employees and associates. Through this portal, they can inspect all latest updates and news related to Walmart including holidays, schedules and paycheck. For this, a user have to create an account in Walmart one or login if account already exists.
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About Walmart

Walmart Inc. is one of the popular and biggest retailer company worldwide. It owns and running the shops across six continents. It is having around twelve thousand stores over twenty-nine countries. More than 2.3 million workers are working at Walmart stores throughout the stores located in different countries. To handle such enormous number of employees, It has launched a portal called Walmart1.
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This portal, allows the employees to access all the information about the updates on regular basis. The employees have to log in the portal to gain access to updates.

Walmartone Login

There are two ways to log into Walmart one. First one is from web, where user needs a desktop or a laptop and another one is from WM1 app in android and iOS platforms.

  • If a user wants to access the portal from PC, they need to visit the official website i.e.
  • The URL will bring the user to login page, where he/she need to enter the username and password or create a new account if does not have an account 
  • Once user will login to the page, it will redirect him to associate dashboard 
  • After getting access to the portal, the user can now explore the page and manage everything they need to do in the portal such as holidays, week off, paystubs and other latest updates of the company. 

WM1 For Android and Apple Devices


  • First, you have to download WM1 from Playstore 
  • Once installed, you can launch the app. Here, you need to agree the terms and conditions provided by Walmart before proceeding to next page. 
  • After clicking on agree button, it will show the list of facilities provided by Walmartone in its app. You have to continue all those and login to Walmart. 
  • Once you login you need to input the postal code to find out nearby Walmart stores. 
  • It also gives you the phone number, the address and all the services that associated with this Walmartone. 
  • There are various services offered by Walmart1 such as Walmart pickup, pharmacy, Walmart vision center, Walmart photo center, Walmart wireless, McDonald and many more. If you click on let say “Walmart Pickup”, which is the grocery home shopping. It give the hours that it operates in as well as it gives you the holiday hours. One of the best thing about this app is it can scan barcodes.

WM1 App For iPhone

The procedure of using the Walmartone application using apple phone is similar to android phone. The only difference is user has to download the app from iTunes. Apart from this, WM1 app is handy with touch ID so you can unlock application with touch id or face id.